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Thread: Plantsnap (plant ID app)

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    Plantsnap (plant ID app)

    Is anyone else using this?
    I'm kind of testing it out and it did correctly identify sweet chestnuts and horse chestnuts, poison oak, fruiting dogwood, and mahonia.

    When I tried one of the plants we often call Queen Anne's Lace it came up with a lot of variations (I wasn't sure myself what it was - wild carrot? Cow parsley? Hemlock?)

    It works best for me if I take the photo then wait till I'm home and add it to the app while I have wifi - even with full bars of cell service, the app is slow.

    Anyhow, educational and fun! I was able to identify a mountain magnolia today
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    I belong to the "Plant Identification" Facebook group. I can usually get an ID within minutes of uploading a photo.

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    I have used the image feature of Garden Answers. Sometimes it works well sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve only used it a few times.

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