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Thread: Gimmethesimplelife... did you go to Thailand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Frugal, the National Parks are wonderful. We have been to many and plan to see glacier. We have been to Italy and Poland twice each but different regions. I like to see new places to. The temples in Thailand were nothing like I have seen before but had never been to Asian countries. Painted bright colors with real gold. The reclining budda was made of gold. Our next European trip will be to Scotland and Ireland in November 2019.
    The national parks I was referring to are the national parks of Thailand. We also have been to many parks in the US. Glacier is my favorite so far!

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    Frugal, I have not seen Thailand’s parks but I bet they are beautiful. It’s a striking country. My son is sending stunning pictures of India. So much beauty around the world.

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