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    I think a lot of the social acceptance of pot has come from studies and stories that say it is no worse than alcohol in many respects, if not better for ones health and risk of psychological or physical addiction. Fact is that alcohol when abused is a nasty substance. It's a basically a poison that has to be detoxified by the liver and is associated with multiple diseases and probably a lot of domestic abuse, high speed chases and other crimes. When I go home late (say 10 o'clock by my standards) after an evening out there are bar parking lots full of cars and I'm not buying that everyone has a drink or two or has a designated driver at closing time.

    From a societal view I'm not so sure adding easy access to another drug is a positive thing. Our state just published sales number year to date as over 1 billion dollars (with 200 million in tax revenue). For what ever benefits there are medically or used by people to relax and watch the grass grow, some or many people are over medicating and even though it's mostly consumed in the home by law, people are driving high.

    And it's not just pot and alcohol, but prescription medications besides opiates that are mis-prescribed or abused.

    I voted for legal pot in my state, but have had second thoughts. It seems like pot sales growth and use have the potential to get very large. Given the legality of alcohol it seems like a case of double standards to say one is ok, but not the other. But I see it as a sign of a deep societal issues when so many need to escape their normal physiological functions to escape reality routinely.

    Responsible adult of of either is fine by me, but it just doesn't work out like that.

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    Perhaps, the fact that the United States incarcerates 655/100,000 Of it’s citizens per capita...the highest on planet a sign that we can do better. All incumbent law makers should be uneasy this coming mid terms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    The long term risk there might be the need to rebuild more of a culture of martial discipline should their barbarous ally withdraw its protection.
    When I was in Sweden, Finland, and Norway recently I did not notice a lack of martial discipline. I made it a point to visit the military museums in these countries, and they were remarkably bloodthirsty and proud. I wouldn't mess with the Norwegians or the Finns.

    The Icelanders had some displays too, of how they'd crushed the British in the Cod War.

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    I'm in Oregon. Since legalization and the legalization to GROW commercially, we've seen quite a lot of changes. I'm in Southern Oregon and we've seen an increase in crime, an increase in population and huge increases in rent and housing costs. People's quality of life has definitely changed for a lot of people due to this. Similar reports from California. Just making it legal to smoke and making it legal to grow and create agriculture are two different things.

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