Anyone grow the native persimmons? I planted 2 trees about 13 years ago, and they're just starting to really produce.

I have to get to the dropped ones before the coons/mice/chipmunks, etc., get to them. Funny how many holes in the ground there are under them now!

My question is: There seem to be a lot of unripe ones on the ground. Can I ripen those in the house?

Also.......I've been just using a colander and squishing them through that.......which means some of the skins get through. Do you skin them first?
It's impossible to get the seeds out first, so I just squish around them.

Then I freeze the pulp.

How do you clean yours? Do you worry about worms or anything? It's kinda creepy thinking that animals have played with them or stepped on them.....but I'm trying to pretend that doesn't happen.

I don't use any that have broken skin.

Last year I cut out about 20 baby persimmon trees that have popped up too close. This fall I have cut another 20 out. I'm planning on just leaving about 3-5 newer ones. I should have planted them further away from the garden.

Any info is appreciated!