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Thread: What do you bring when you travel?

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    I know I am just tempting Jeppy to have one of her fits, but I will chime in here.

    Let me say this: I really dig this thread! Such great info, ideas, and experiences. Dig it!

    So I have a darned good sized (just barely carry-on) rucksack I took to Argentina and Uruguay. I take that because it is rain resistant and has built-in covering to make it nearly rainproof on top of that.

    I put some basics in there like clothes, toiletries, and such. No need to go into that. I will however mention the perhaps out of the ordinary items I take.

    Several ziplock freezer bags, little ones and big ones. They have many uses and if you lose them, no big deal. They are submerge-able. They are durable. They also keep funky smelling stuff away from clean-smelling stuff. Helpful when you are living out of one ruck sack!

    Inside the ruck sack I take a collapsible little ruck sack for day trips and such. Very handy!

    I also have a waistband wallet with cash -- extra cash.

    Obviously I keep it very minimalist all around. So there you go!

    The lifestyle of the jet set loan drones!

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    I love to fly to destinations but I'm not a fan of long flights. I pack reading material and music which will usually tide me over. Something to keep me warm and something to keep me cool. Something to snack on and a bottle of water. Something to elevate my legs. Lotion, Kleenex, chapstick, journal and a pen, cough drops, a kindle for something different to read or games.

    We just got back from a three week trip where the temps were between 35 - 77 degrees. It was a challenge for packing, even with layers.

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    I always stay in my seat when that happens without a tight connection.

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