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Thread: What do you bring when you travel?

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    What do you bring when you travel?

    I'm curious what people bring when they travel.

    Returned a couple of days ago from an 8-day trip to visit family in Houston. As a minimalist, I consider it a point of honor not to check luggage. This was my traveling kit:

    laptop (Thinkpad Carbon X1) and charger
    phone and charger
    3 pair socks (wear 1)
    3 pair boxers (wear 1)
    3 quick dry t-shirts (wear 1)
    1 pair sweatpants
    1 pair cargo shorts
    1 pair nylon shorts
    khaki slacks (wear)
    button-down Oxford shirt (wear)
    lightweight rain jacket
    1 pair trail shoes

    All this fit pretty easily in my laptop backpack (I don't know its exact capacity, but I think it's about 35L). I did have the advantage of easy access to laundry, but I could have hand-laundered my underwear.

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    Decades ago I would get on a plane with just a carry-on bag and sometimes a suit carrier if it was related to work. But now, With everyone and his brother jamming everything in the overhead bins, I prefer to check luggage.

    I consider it to be minimalist if I get on the airplane with a small purse, Especially for flights to Europe.

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    Yes, with COPD and needing to change planes, I go very minimal and check everything. Purse with a book stuck inside for me.

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    I bring:

    - some changes of clothing
    - toiletries
    - medications
    - spare pair of eyeglasses
    - headphones
    - my smartphone and its charger (with a looooong cord)
    - reading material for the plane/train/back seat
    - bag for dirty laundry
    - snacks (since I can't eat just anything)

    Depending on what I'm doing at the destination, I bring:
    - special clothing I might need (raincoat, etc.)
    - outerwear
    - my laptop and its charger
    - my camera, selected lenses, and its charger
    - local gifts for the host(s)

    I try to travel for a week with just a backpack full of stuff so it fits under my airplane seat. DW also like to fly packed minimally. But on a long trip we'll put some stuff in one checked bag so it's not crushed in our carry-ons.
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    I take enough stuff so I don’t need to do laundry. But I wear my pants more than once and only take one dress on cruises with 2 different jackets. For a 2 week trip one small carry on and one medium checked bag. For 5 day trip just a carry on.

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    Very similar situation to Oldhat...I like to carry as few items as necessary. Phone, kindle and their chargers. Meds all in a purse small enough to tuck under a plane seat.

    I have taken trips where I leave behind clothing i no longer want...those jeans with one missing belt loop, the T-shirt that got twisted from washing, etc. I just can't leave behind undies, and hubby laughs at me when I say it! Can't do it! But this way my bag gets lighter as the trip goes on, and there's room for souvenirs if I want.

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    I travel heavy, including a full size spare tire mounted on a rim that takes up a lot of the trunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    I travel heavy, including a full size spare tire mounted on a rim that takes up a lot of the trunk.
    I might want to see your birth certificate, since you sound like you're related to hubby! He took a HUGE toolbox with us to NC. And, it's our vacation home, so there are tools there! He's probably take a half another car along if he could!

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    We travel by car, and I try to take as many of my possessions as possible in case I need them, including my pillow and my coffee pot (and we stay in hotels; we don't camp).

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    My crossbody bag aka: briefcase contains:
    laptop/charger, cell charger, book for reading, my small purse w/all I usually carry including my phone

    Carry-on suitcase;
    2 jeans
    4 tops
    tshirt/capri in case I decide to exercise
    5 pr socks
    sweatshirt for unplanned cold weather
    toiletries bag aka 1qt ziploc
    walking shoes

    I usually carry a jacket in case the flight is cold

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