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Thread: recovery update

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    "However in the middle of it all I did get a new job so I haven't been in bad shape everywhere."
    Absolutely!! You did what I have had much trouble doing, and I will never stop being impressed by how you took back control of your life and achieved a great resolution to a really bad situation. And you never fell into any kind of victim role, even though it would have been easier to do that.

    That is why I am really impressed by how you went out in the midst of a breakdown and found yourself a great new job. Very heroic, in my book.

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    Wow, I haven't really seen myself that way.

    I had dinner with a friend who actually ended up in a psych ward 3 years ago. She stayed for a week on an involuntary hold. She also said she was impressed because I did this by myself basically, and handled the leave paperwork, DR appointments, etc. She was hospitalized so she didn't need to cook or do anything which was perfect for her situation. We honestly talked about how it is a big deal to have lived,

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    I appreciate hearing how things are going for you, ZG.

    re: Brokenness...

    Brokenness is where we grow in humility... more compassionate, better able to serve, better able to see things we would have missed.

    There is
    a crack
    in everything.
    That's how
    the light
    gets in.

    --Leonard Cohen

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