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Thread: Is Patricia There?

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    My favorite answer is, "Nope, she's doin' a nickel upstate."

    I use that when they ask for "the person who's responsible for ...." or me or whatever.
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    LOL that's a good one Kay.

    The scammers/telemarketers have caught on that if they call with a number that has your local prefix on it, you're more likely to answer it. That's true. I always think it's someone locally calling me.
    But I've caught on to this.......If you say hello, and no one answers immediately, hang up quickly. Then I block that number.

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    That same prefix scam doesnt work for me. I still have my phone number from when we lived in NJ so if someone calls with my area code and prefix i know itís a scam. If i could block all 9,999 of these numbers in bulk i would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
    If i could block all 9,999 of these numbers in bulk i would.
    It's possible on smartphones. There are apps that do just that -- block and area code and exchange. I've recently started using one (WideProtect, for iPhones) and have been pleased at the quiet I've experienced. I also, however, seem to get fewer legitimate calls (doctor, etc.) ringing through, but they can leave voicemail so eventually I know they've called. That's just annoying when I'm expecting a callback and I don't want to babysit the phone -- but I'm not sure it's something WideProtect is doing.
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    FWIW, there's an article at about stopping spam calls:

    I've got a new twist: apparently the person who owned my number before has now got debt collectors coming after her. Meaning, they're dialing my number of course. I've already answered one such call around noon today to inform them they have the wrong person. They apologized and agreed to correct their records, and then I blocked the number. Naturally, I checked my phone about an hour ago and there was another call from this same number showing up in my call log. Appears they are happy to have connected with a live person and it will remain to be seen if they do actually stop calling me.
    I think the FCC needs to take a test case against these spammers/scammers and hammer them with fines and jail time.

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