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Thread: Phone calls

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    Do you find it passing strange that we pay for a service (phone) and then have to defend ourselves from harassing phone calls we don't want?

    Our land line is a land mine we rarely answer and let the calls go to an answering machine. Our friends know to talk through after the message and we will pick up.

    And our cell phone (which we recently lost!) had been getting more and more junk calls.

    Don't we citizens have any rights to enjoy a peaceful use of services we pay for??

    I guess not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyHiker View Post
    Don't we citizens have any rights to enjoy a peaceful use of services we pay for??

    I guess not.

    Not in a country that puts profit above pretty much everything, no.

    The same problem exists/existed with email. Spam email is, by far, the largest percentage of email sent in the world -- up to 85-90%, by some estimates, especially if you include "marketing blasts" by organizations which only associate with vendors/organizations with which you've done business (that crusty stuff in the privacy policies most people don't read).

    Email providers, with the help of companies started up to help filter out spam electronically, have stemmed the illicit tide that appears in your email inbox. Of course, we all pay for it one way or another. Some consider it the price we pay for the openness of both the Internet and telecomm infrastructures as they originally were designed. It's always harder to remodel than it is to build fresh. But it is now time for telecomm providers to make those same efforts.
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    I am very careful who had my phone number, use my answer machine for all calls unless I recognize the number and have a locally owned digital phone service so can contact them with problems. My cell phone plan has no data included just unlimited texts so I don't answer any calls. Everyone that has my cell number is told this.

    Just one additional caution. I am very careful to which charitable organization I donate and the info that I share. They are local and state that they don not share any information ever.
    I learned the hard way years ago that charitable fundraising includes selling your contact info which keeps being sold.
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