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Thread: Time To Ditch Physical Therapy?

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    Thanks you for all your insights, Gardenarian. Very helpful! Were you actually diagnosed with anything? I am pretty sure mine is all about the muscles, probably not anything structural per say. I do know from years ago that there was some arthritis found but I assume that is normal for an aging female who was a former athlete.

    I realize it is going to be a long haul to get to the bottom of this. I really wish it was more convenient to get to a gym but I live 25 miles from Santa Fe. There is one I have gone to, but it is difficult to fit into my schedule, but I am going to do my best to get there at least once or twice a week when I go town to run errands.

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    In my experience, not all physical therapists are the same. You might have different results at a different clinic.

    For about 10 years I had lower back/sacroiliac/piriformis issues. Physical therapy was helpful, but I think the best thing I ever did for my back was Zumba classes. It really made me move every muscle everywhere. I haven't had any back issues since starting that. Of course, I didn't start Zumba when I was in the extremely painful state.

    I hope you find some relief soon!

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    I had so many diagnoses!
    I think my muscles and posture got out of whack from being on a walker/crutches/cane for a year. Weak muscles, floppy ligaments, and knotted tendons.

    I've read a zillion stories of people with hip/leg/butt pain, variously diagnosed with FAI (impingement), bursitis, tight IT bands, piriformis syndrome, bad disks, sciatica, arthritis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, etc. All have the same symptoms, and pretty much all are helped by strengthening glutes & core, and learning to sit, stand, walk properly. Wearing loose clothing and good shoes helps a lot too.

    It takes a long time to get better and it's really hard to measure progress, but a year ago I needed a brace and often a cane to walk around the block, and now I can do 7 miles (not without discomfort, but still.) Sounds crazy, but for me, walking through the pain helped. I hit a wall at around 1.5 miles, but if I stretch a bit and keep going by mile 3 I'm feeling better. I decided no one else was going to be able to fix me - I had to do it myself.

    It's a work in progress. I keep telling myself that at some point I'll be glad this happened because I'll head into old age with a stronger body and a better understanding of how it works. I'm not feeling the gratitude yet.

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