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Thread: Beautiful remembrance of a soldier

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    Beautiful remembrance of a soldier

    I thought that this NPR story was beautifully written and very special for Veteran's Day or, in Canada, Remembrance Day.

    This is why I posted the link in Family Form:

    "In the Netherlands, these stories are also being kept alive.

    David's grandfather's grave has a caretaker a local couple, Jan and Jos Smeets. They never met Sgt. Williams, but they visit the site on special occasions and lay flowers. When they die, their daughter will take over.

    All 8,301 American graves in Margraten are adopted by Dutch families. It's something David never expected to find."

    I wonder how many other stories are waiting to be told from fresh perspectives?
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    I am familiar with this--a French family has "adopted" my uncle who was shot down in their family farm in Normandy. A couple of years ago, they hosted his daughter, who got to see where her father was shot down, and she even brought back some instrumentation from his plane.

    It was good for my cousin to have contact with this family.

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    What wonderful people!

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    There really is sooooo much good in the world. Thanks for the reminder.
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