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Thread: 2 possible places to move!

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    The main thing is to remember that whatever you decide, you will be able to move on when you are ready to do so. The latest sounds really positive.
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    I am watching how you are using a storage unit in this transition, and it has given me ideas for being flexible in our future moves. While I think paying for storage units on a permenant is silly, I see how they are very handy, and cheaper overall, in transitory situations.

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    Yes IL, I have used them in every big transition and I really find using a storage unit intentionally reduces a lot of stress. In under 10 years I have gone from 2500 ft2 with a full open basement to renting a kinda small room in a shared house. My dad gave me grief about having a storage unit in my last move and I gave him grief right back, he has a 4 bedroom house in Iowa with most rooms comfortably full, a storage space in the basement and a garage. I did have everything fit in my last 2 bedroom place because there were a couple big closets, I am not even trying at this point. The camping gear and kitchen gear to feed a crows would never fit in a rented room and I use them a couple times a year.

    In using a storage unit for a transition I think the biggest benefits are to reduce stress and slow down the process of a major downsize so you can make careful choices. Even in the biggest downsize with the foreclosure I only rented for a couple months but it was a huge stress reliever to see what I really used. There are very few things that I regret leaving behind but definitely some. The last move I left behind a folding table when I ran out of time and then ended up buying a new one when I needed it.

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    That sounds like a much better situation.

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