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Thread: Mental Health and Spiritual Voids

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    Quote Originally Posted by nswef View Post
    It seems so logical. I see the lack of support for assault survivors and hope with the me too movement that will change. We send enlistees off to weeks of training but when they come back ship them home with nothing...why not 6 weeks of "purification"- and the same kinds of places for assault victims. But the cost.....actually the choices made on how to use money-clearly support is not valued.
    Where are you looking to see the “lack of support for assault victims?”

    This seems an overly broad conclusion as in “there are no support survices.” Is that what you mean? Depending on what you expect to see when you look and where you are look, I woild argue that you are wrong. But certainly “support” in the form of government funded social/medical services vary from place to place.

    Why can’t the thoughts in David Brooks’ piece be extrapolated to include all survivors of trauma? Does it really lessen his message by using only a specific group as his referance? If this written piece bothers you all so much because it seems to ignore other groups, why dont you all write your own articles about your chosen groups, gather resources to design and carry out the purification rituals, do the work?

    My neighborhood sponsored, for several years, victim support work for people who were assaulted within our neighborhood boundaries. It isnt rocket science. With training from our local law enforcement department (that is the government, you know) women in our neighborhood followed up with victims. I was not one of those do-gooders because that isnt my jam, but it I think it was good use of oir neighborhood resources. One practical aspect of the program was to assist victims in court appearances where we made sure they had transportation to court and at least one person to go with them, and often victim support representatives got neighbors to show up to the hearing as well.

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    I like "Iyanla Fix My Life" because she gets to root traumas and sometimes offers healing rituals.

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    IL, Your neighborhood sponsored group sounds like what is needed. Our local domestic violence organization is effective. My not seeing support for assault victims is more not seeing "organized groups" or "well advertised groups". Many assaults go unreported due to that lack of support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybee View Post
    I guess I reached my limit on free articles, so won't let me past firewall. It seems to be by David Brooks, that's all I got?
    At least on my devices I can refresh my browser and delete my browsing history and it seems to reset the number articles viewed back to zero for the NYT and other publications that have article limits. It's probably not a bad thing to do occasionally anyway.

    I tend to think that there has been a falling out of church going organized religion that at one time gave people spiritual comfort. As such they've also discounted the value of searching for or believing in a higher source of guidance, either within one's self or some sort of external higher being. I can find spiritual comfort that is exclusive of any formal organization, but it doesn't come without searching and trying to find what works.

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    thanks, Roger, I just did that, and it worked, for now at least!

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