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Thread: Do I "follow" my DD's XBF?

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    Do I "follow" my DD's XBF?

    Silly question. We need an Emily Post 2.0.

    DD had a BF we all loved. Such a sweet guy. Of course, it's up to my kids/SOs to determine the course of the relationship, and 3 years ago they called it quits. I grieved... I sent his mother (who I had never met) a FB PM telling her how much I loved her son. I always felt DD was a little rash in this decision, but of course, it's her life.

    Now she has another SO. Awesome guy. I really like him a lot. She is at his family's home for Thanksgiving as we speak.

    Tooling around on Instagram I saw the her exBF has an account. I want to "follow" him, but is that bad? My DS follows him, and even his exGF, my DD, follows him, so does that make it OK for me to?
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    Absolutely follow him if you want to. Especially since your DD also follows him. Clearly she must not hate him if she follows him.

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    I'd feel OK with it.
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