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Bae, does this happen where you are, on your island near Canada?
The ferry terminal on the mainland has a customs facility and checkpoint, because a ferry from Vancouver Island comes in there once a day.

All ferry traffic from our county, which is made up entirely of islands, goes through that ferry terminal. Our ferries are Washington State ferries, running on what is technically Highway 20, and operating entirely within US waters.

Some times in the past, they have decided to run *all* traffic from the islands through the checkpoint, which is all fenced in and fancy... The locals don't enjoy this much.

I'll be travelling tomorrow, I'll be curious to see what they are doing.

They also patrol the waters here quite heavily - one day travelling from my island to the neighboring one, our county seat, as an elected official, for a regularly scheduled public hearing, I was stopped in my boat multiple times by multiple federal agencies for inspection. On a roughly 15 mile voyage. I was quite late for the meeting.

There are no checkpoints here *on* the island.