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Thread: Bucket List

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    Quote Originally Posted by happystuff View Post
    Went to see the movie with my best friend when it first came to theaters. Upon leaving, I had two items on my bucket list: 1- see (not necessarily meet) HH the Dalai Lama and 2 - see the Northern Lights. I've managed to see HHDL several times so seeing the Northern Lights remains.
    I found out the aurora borealis is visible from northetn Maine, but not until March. I would like to see it also.

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    We had our friends who recently visited Morroco over for dinner to show us their photos of that trip. I was genuinely interested in their trip because Morroco has been high on my list of places to visit, but I was feeling un excited about the desert and desert country.

    After their review, I have ceossed Morroco off my list.they loved it but
    I think I would find myself in Casa Blanca, and kinds regretting the money I spent to get there.

    They are urging us to go with them to SE Asia on a Viking River cruise on the Mekong. Other than the the hot and humid weather there, I would love SE Asia. No deserts there. I really really am not a fan of desert country.

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    It would be cool to go to Hawaii and learn how to surf.
    Just a random desire that popped up 😊

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