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While I love traveling and know that actually visiting the sites is so rich in experience, zoom or virtual tours help reduce my bucket list. EG - I went on a 3 week south-west US bus tour and saw things like the desert, the Grand Canyon etc., that I would never want to miss the actual 'being there'. Egypt, Israel, European sites, BC and Newfoundland are so unbelievably unique, others not so much

I am finding that other places can be successfully toured virtually at my leisure without the disruption of planning and physically getting there, crowds, lining up everywhere and waiting your timed access and then coming back to catch up on the neglected responsibilities at home.

So, my bucket list has reduced in size. Machu Picchu, Panama, African safaris and others have been removed for this reason
No…. Manchu Picchu and an African safari HAVE to be done in person! Virtual does not cut it in any way. I have not been to Panama so cannot expound on it. Both of these places should be on everyone’s bucket list IMO. Some European sites would be fine virtually… seen one castle … why go to another etc!