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Thread: Dinner menu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    Sounds good to me, but the meat loaf feels lonely. Could you add a few roast potatoes and keep the leek soup?
    I ended up adding squash to this menu, another starchy thing! But it was all ok.

    soup is very important in this menu because I am using antique flow blue dishes and my soups bowls are stunning, and I like using real soup spoons with that course.

    I am planning one or two more small dinner parties like this since I have all of thees dishes and stemware clean and laid out.

    For those I will move to a tomato soup as razz suggests, either
    I learn to make a good one or else I use the super tasty tomato soup I buy snd love.

    I am planning have stuffed pork chops andmashed potatoes. DH ‘s cherry dessert was superb.
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    I love stuffed pork chops. I make a homemade stuffing and so yummy. Your dishes sound pretty.

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    I'm glad my mother isn't here to watch me look up "flow blue," because I know she had some--she collected dishware, among other things.
    It would pair nicely with Panic Ware, I think. I love that stuff.
    Squash sounds just right.

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    Here is a dinner menu you might find amusing (humorous?).

    My family never does Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. Usually we do it the weekend before. But this year we are doing it the weekend after, On Dec. 2nd.

    Originally we were going to do Turkey, stuffing, etc. The usual fare! But since Thanksgiving is over, we already all had that at various locations. So we opted for a different menu after much discussion. Here it is, without further ado!

    -Ravioli pasta
    -Baked penne
    -Garlic bread
    -Cocktail shrimp with the red, spicy dip
    -Fried chicken (My dad insisted on this because "carbs are the enemy!" as he has diabetes.)
    -Raw veggie tray
    -Sparkling grape juice
    -Sparkling water

    I am doing the "one plate" rule and I will sure as hell call my OA sponsor before I go eat! LOL

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    Sounds good UL. I love Italian food.

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    I love to make for dinner asian food such as noodeles with veggies. Love to spiralize the veggies with my vegetable spiralizer. The noodeles is a meal I always like to make.

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