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Thread: Best wallet ever?

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    I did something completely uncharacteristic last year and bought a Coach wallet on sale at Macy's. I bought it because it was a deep discount, and I needed a wallet. Coach gives lifetime guarantees. The wallet is fine, but doesn't fit in a tiny purse. It hold cards and cash and it has a little pocket with a snap closure. I expect it to last a long time.

    I'm not fussy about wallets, however. I felt sad replacing the little card case that my favorite boss gave me in 2000. It was a red card case, monogrammed with my initials. I used it until I got the Coach wallet, so that little card case lasted me almost 20 years.
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    I use a small coin purse with a zipper, with my cards inside in one of those thin plastic card folders that are often inserted in wallets. I have 5 cards I keep with me. My coin purse is Tyvek, lightweight, holds plenty of bills and change.

    I don't carry it in my pants pocket, usually my bag or coat pocket.

    I have photos of the cards I need once in a while and have them on my phone on the Google Keep app. Things like frequent customer cards - they can just type the number in from the photo on my phone.

    Not many stores around here use phone pay apps. That would lighten things up

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