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Thread: Moving progress

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    Moving progress

    I am officially moving this weekend, whew. My son and his friend are helping me on Saturday with larger things. I will go over Friday night with the little decorations and plants and to take a good look at the space again. I drove by and there is an awesome trail that starts across the street. I am excited about that. Still at that awkward stage where therenis not much to do, just waiting until Incan do the work.

    Meanwhile i overdid sugar and with my medication i feel queasy. Part of the deal, I have one mutual support person who I can share this with. It is just a part of the deal, but overall the meds are really necessary.

    I messaged with someone I knew through some training programs with my last job and all of it is always awkward. Brings up bad feelings of course, but she is lovely. Actually another scorpio. She is looking for a new job too, she was in a partner organization.

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    Which place did you decide on?

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