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Thread: Sata Lucia's Day 12/13

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    Sata Lucia's Day 12/13

    Oops, that should be Santa or Sankta … not Sata

    and Up North (UpNort):

    Good, useful and beautiful things from one culture are adopted by another culture. Maybe some folks see harm in it. I think it helps to enable all men to be brothers, and all women to be sisters, and anybody else to be part of one big family.
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    Thank you for this, Dado. I love the song and the images are lovely.

    I may have mentioned this story before. As a child I once told my music teacher when we were learning Santa Lucia that I was going to Italy, riding in a gondola and hearing this song being sung. He smiled with tolerance about a child's dreams and said,"Maybe."

    On my tour to Europe in 1986, I chose a gondola ride as an option. My fellow travellers were noisy and boisterous. I started crying quietly in total disappointment. One man saw the tears, queried the cause so I shared my childhood dream. He silenced everyone and we silently floated under the bridges of Venice with the singer's voice echoing so beautifully on the water and buildings. Other tourists leaned over the bridges and smiled with enjoyment in the warm sunshine. It is my most cherished memory of that trip.

    If some question the quietness, I should remind them that this was the year of the Chernobyl disaster and tourism was dramatically reduced.
    Gandhi: Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony .

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    I'm with you, Dado--the more sharing and celebrating the better!

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    One of my students used to bring me (and all his other teachers) special st. Lucia buns every year. Last year he didn’t bring them, and a few days later, I realized and said “oh (name) I just realized I didn’t get any buns this year! Did you guys stop baking or did it just get to be too hard to feed so many extra people? Can I have the recipe?” He said “i’ll ask my mom.” In January he brought me a box of buns - for which I wrote a thank you letter, but I will never bring it up again. I really just wanted the recipe so I could still have buns. Because they were yummy and I love holidays.

    my class goes through a lot of bubble wrap taking projects home. Friday, a Muslim mom handed me a big bag full of bubble wrap and said “merry Christmas! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but you do, and I celebrate shopping for cheap stuff for my kids!” I actually laughed.

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