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Thread: Cohousing for companionship

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    I tend to have the same reaction as IL. The only cohousing situation I've seen that would be tolerable to me was an unintentional one that a friend of mine created. He's a very outgoing person so when he moved to a random small. (Maybe 10 unit) apartment building in Sausalito he proceeded to quickly become good friends with half the building. They would do things like grill together on the shared deck every weekend, go do activities together like a sailboat cruise around the bay, etc. it seemed like a fun group but it worked because they happened to all like each other. My friend, through force of personality, was the glue that made it all work. When they had parties it would be in all of their apartments with guests randomly hanging out in all of them.

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    Unfortunately, we don't have a lot in common with the in-laws so for now it is just an idea we entertain.

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