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Thread: Financial inequality around the world

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    Financial inequality around the world

    I have been enjoying BBC reports as a refreshing look at the world. Perception gaps are hard to see at times between what we believe and the reality based on facts.

    This BBC article compares a number of countries in a review of the assets of the top 1% in perception vs reality. It also covers what the public belief suggests it should be. Russia is amazing in actual fact.
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    Razz, This is a very interesting chart and I will have several things to say about it, but I will have to come back later and participate in this discussion after I think about it.

    But my gut reaction is this: I do not think most people understand “wealth “as being assets. And secondly, why does the imaginings of The Average Joe matter?

    Because of where I spend my time on the Internet, and considering coherts I spend it with, this group and the MMM group are sophisticated is separating income from assets. The average Joe just is not. When I bring up a discussion among my friends of finances, so many immediately go to their monthly income. Everything is monthly, everything is income in their minds. Suffice to say I don’t have a lot of in-depth conversations about finances with most of my friends.
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