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Thread: a year ago this week

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    Thank you lhamo, I recall what you went through while you were sharing on these boards. Honestly your story helps when I get hard on myself. Also the counselor I had also had a really negative experience, and my former job coach. So it really happens to good people. I saw this dysfunctional core there, they would have initiatives and committees and make some changes, then about every 3 years it would get really bad and people would be gone one way or another. The entire district is just kinda crazy. I recall that our main office kept on moving desks around, looking back it feels like they were just throwing people off almost on purpose.

    I am so glad you have a good job situation. I think that is one of the most healing things ever. I thought my work life would be ruined forever ( I wasn't fired but I would only barely be re-hireable in the district) with this bad year on my record. However you can move on and things get better. I am reading a great book from a trainer in my old district that is very good, about bias and personal work. I will share more about that, but I realize I don't have to leave all that good stuff behind.

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    Yea I totally suspected bad work situation.

    For me the person who got me fired from my last job isn't there anymore - moved cross country (yea well it's uh a tough job market here ), probably left voluntarily, but left them scrambling to hire. I was contacted by clueless recruiters to be hired for my old job initially and many months later when they left and by that point it was: "immediate need!". I don't even know if they ever filled it. And so of the 3 people that interviewed me for that job 2 years or so ago, only 1 is still there.
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