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Thread: saw my psych today

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    saw my psych today

    I see my psychiatrist every year at least once, sometimes meeting by phone and emails as needed. We had a lot more contact starting last March when I got more medication, and kept adjusting and adding through summer. I haven't seen him in person since before my breakdown however.

    He could tell I lost weight, and that I looked great. He has been seeing me for 3 years, and doesn't think he has ever seen me look this good. He also said that the things I was doing were NOT crazy, and sounded fine (watching for hypomania). So retreats with solo components, a circle pit and renting a room from someone were not concerns for him. I do have some queasiness a couple times a week which is okay to live with for the benefits of the medication.

    I have refills and encouraging, positive feedback, and am good for awhile.

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    Sounds like a positive meeting to have to reinforce your progress.
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