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Thread: Organizing the rest of our lives

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    Wow Bae that’s a huge house. Good idea to downsize.

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    The cool thing about building a 1200 foot cabin is you can make everything beautiful and useful, a little gem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetana3 View Post
    Iris, we have what we call the "Life Book". It has summary records from the 80s with our initial goals, yearly summary statements, future goals and things such as major purchases and spending amounts. It also includes our budgets, past, present and future. Our financial adviser also said it was a great organized set of records and they were able to jump right to recommendations rather than dealing with the details

    I love seeing how far we have come. We are currently at twice our original goal.
    My organizational goal is a financial bag, a bag of info on paper that also includes a thub drive or two of same.

    What for do you think should go into it? I am not interested in keeping future projections or actual spending records. The purpose is for our executor to find most everything they need to carry out closing of our estate, but also as a “bug out” bag it contains our current dinancial life.

    our 4 page document contains a summary of our assets and where to find them, a list of our credit cards, names and contact info for our account managers at brokerage firms, and our social security numbers.

    Any suggestions? I think
    I will start a new thread for this. It is not the first time we have talked about it, but a refresher is good.

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