My husband went vegetarian a couple of years ago. Typically, when I feel like having meat, I'll just make some for myself and a veggie burger for hub. Tonight is New Years Eve, I usually cook at home anyways. In the old days, I'd grill a nice steak or make some decadent lobster bisque and call it a day. Something "fancy". But I have a hard time coming up with fancy vegetarian food. So I'm just making a bunch of courses, hoping we'll be full before we get to what used to be the entree. So far we've had crostini with brie and red pepper peach jam, a salad with roasted pears and blue cheese, and a 5 onion soup. Twice baked potatoes are in the oven, and an asparagus saute is on deck, with little pastries.

For those of you who are vegetarian, what do you make for special occasions? (My body really doesn't react well to soy foods, so meat analogs are out).