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Thread: "Village Cooperative" - Real Estate Equities Development LLC

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    "Village Cooperative" - Real Estate Equities Development LLC

    This developer has been active since 1972, building and managing multifamily housing, including 28 coops for seniors in 8 states... 1,400 units of coop apartments. I believe their coop developments have a trade name "Village Cooperative". The head office is Eagan MN.

    From their website it appears is currently most active in new developments in the state of CO.

    I would welcome any first hand (or second, or third!) reviews of what it is like to live in their developments and/or buy and sell equity shares in their coops. It seems that buyers of resale units pay a deposit and go on a waiting list.

    Feel free to send me a private message on this site if you have impressions or experiences regarding a "Village Cooperative" that you would like to be treated confidentially.

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    It's an interesting concept. I'd be interested in seeing prices, if they were to develop in California. My impression is that they are developing in areas with significant land available, which would not be the case here... Although the first thing that struck me was how inconvenient it would be to have a dog, living there...

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