Thanks Steve. I actually did try to use their chat first, and the person came back and said my question wasn't in his scope of knowledge. ....which was true. I should have called the pharmacy first, but wasn't sure, so went the Chat route.
You're absolutely right about the written word is so much easier to understand. Funny though, in many instances I can still detect in chat that their first language isn't English.

I suppose as things get more and more global, there's always some group of people who find the person on the phone, hard to understand.

It frustrates me more, though, considering all the other difficult/frustration inducing things that seem to be in far too great a number in this country these day. At this point, it would probably be even harder to try to do things in a simple manner, since so much is set-up to be a challenge.

But you're right about chat. I do use that often, when it's available.