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Thread: Is there any good news on the environment?

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    Incredible! 50% of the fabric used to make a piece of clothing is thrown away. Multiply that by thousands of pieces of clothing and you have waste on a giant scale but also an opportunity to make big changes In the industry.

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    Okay, this made me feel the tiniest bit optimistic. Especially after reading this morning that Anchorage reached 90F for the first time ever.

    Of course, a trillion trees is a whole lotta trees. And if you read the article all the way to the end, it appears there are some people who are skeptical about whether this would work.

    But if you break it down (and my math is correct), it involves planting a mere 130 trees for every person now alive on the planet. Which, in the present political climate, seems a whole lot more feasible than passing a carbon tax.

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    I have a friend who is on a long paddleboarding trip right now. Across the Northwest Passage...

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    People are fascinating in the challenges that they set for themselves from planting trees over a lifetime to paddelboarding. Makes life a rich experience.
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