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Thread: Would you buy a new stove?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Appliances are always cheap on CL. We sold a dryer that worked well for 50 because it was old. We sold the washer for 30. I didn’t want people to be out much money if they died. My friend had upgraded and we bought their set.
    I agree. A lot of times people sell things for a low price because they just want to be rid of it. We have had 3 refrigerators over the past 33 years in this house. The first one was purchased for $75 from a private party (I'm guessing we found out about it from a classified ad). That lasted probably 10-11 years.

    The second one was purchased from a guy who lived in the neighborhood across a busy 4 lane road from us. We paid $50. My son, with his new driver's license, drove across that busy road with DH in the open trunk of the car, dragging the fridge which was strapped to a dolly. That refrigerator lasted about 15 years.

    The third one was purchased new, as a floor model from Lowe's, in 2012, for $800. We have already considered replacing it because we've had to have it serviced 3 times already. Buying new can give you false confidence.

    So, really, you never know when you buy used stuff, but we have been pretty lucky.
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    Well. we've reconsidered and we are not buying the stove. It came down to a wants and needs--now that we fixed the old one, we don't need a new one anymore and it would just be a want. When we figure out where we're going to be this year and from now on out, we'll get a stove when we get there, or replace this one. But I'm trying to keep things simple, and 150 dollars is 150 dollars, and we have other needs right now.

    Thanks for all the thoughtful replies!

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