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Thread: What would you consider a hearty breakfast?

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    Have you asked your doctor how far spaced the doses need to be? Perhaps your doctor said to take the medication with breakfast only because he or she did not realize it would be a struggle for you. Maybe taking it with lunch and dinner instead of breakfast and dinner would be fine. It can't hurt to ask the question. Or maybe you could move your dinner time later by a few hours, more comfortably than forcing yourself to eat an early breakfast.
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    Avocado on toasted bagel is pretty darn hearty.

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    A friend told me that a local coffee shop makes very good avocado smoothies so I decided to try one before I go out and buy a bunch of expensive avocados. I asked them what they put in their healthy-sounding smoothie and they said this:
    Condensed milk
    Ice cream


    I had them make me a dairy-free one with avocado, banana, soy milk, and sugar. I probably should have had them omit the sugar but I was worried about not being able to drink the smoothie if there wasn't sugar to mask some of the richness. I can't eat avocado by itself, I find it way too rich, like eating a mouthful of butter. For that same reason, I can't eat avocado toast, it's too rich.

    The smoothie was quite good, not too sweet, and the prominent flavor was slightly banana. But if were to have it regularly I would need to cut back on the avocado to cut the richness (I forgot to ask them how much they put in there). But boy was it filling! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a quick meal that will satiate for many hours.

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    I just made vegan “chocolate mousse” for my sons who are visiting. Nobody’s vegan but we like this -

    1 avacado
    1 banana
    About 1 cup of almond milk
    2 tablespoons cocoa powder
    1 tablespoon sugar

    Blend it and eat it.

    If the banana is frozen first, it’s thicker. But either way it’s good.

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