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I reported my crooked ex-lawyer to the IRS Whistleblower's office and they did not do anything.

Years ago I reported an illegal immigrant to what was then INS and they did not do anything.
But you can only do your part, you don’t have control over the whole metting out of justice.

I am annoyed by my neighbors who don’t report petty crimes on their property because they say oh the cops won’t do anything anyway and I tell them it is not about your particular crime being solved, it is about building a pattern for a case.It is about charting crimes in our neighborhood for more police coverage. Our overall participation in crime reporting helps our neighborhood.

And like sweetana says, if the report is non specific, there isnt much they can do. But you, jeppy, may not have clearly factual info, so I agree that it may be a waste of your time. You know Your coworker is doing something nefarious but you don’t have concrete facts about it.