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Thread: Unusual Types of Preparedness Kits?

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    Zoe, I am kind of inspired by the Sterno fondue pot comment. I occasionally see wonderful Copco fondue set ups from the 70's and have wanted an excuse to buy one, so you have given me one. I saw a nice copper one at the Goodwill yesterday, but I'd prefer one of those excellent ones from the 70.s, for nostalgia reasons. I have a mid-century vibe going with my dishes and it would fit in very well. Kind of recreating nice tables I remember from the early 70's when I was in college in Massachusetts.

    I keep blankets in my car and food and dog chews ever since we got stuck for three hours once waiting for AAA. Also extra shorts and shirts and shoes in the summer for when we go swimming.

    Emergency prednisone in my purse for anaphylactic allergy reactions. Also epi pens. I do try to stockpile medicine.

    We keep water in the house and some food and no guns; if the folks across the street with the little kid want our food, I'd rather give it to the little kid than keep it for myself, as I am getting old.

    Like Catherine, I don't want to shoot it out with the zombies who arrive in the apocalypse; there is no way I can keep up with that sort of firepower, and it presents its own problems. We had a difficult time getting rid of the 40 or so firearms in my folks' house; they keep showing up in the oddest places, and I am so relieved that they are finally out of there. On the plus side, I think they paid for a month or two of assisted living for my parents. But there is no way I am telling Mom her favorite pistol is gone.

    ETA I have a crank up emergency radio that I gave to my parents about 25 years ago and found at their house, still in the box. I took that back and we'll see if it works.

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    When we lived in Kansas we bought a weather radio because we were sleeping through tornadoes. We purposefully had the kids bedrooms in the basement so they were safe with walk out windows with a ladder.

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    I prefer bear spray instead of mace. It shoots a stream instead of a cloud so it is more accurate, and you can start spraying while the threat is farther away from you. It would be my luck that a wind would whip up just as I sprayed, and it would go straight into my eyes. The bear spray I have had a much longer expiration date compared to the mace it replaced, but maybe I was sold an older can of mace. The only drawback is that the can is a lot larger, but that might be a deterrent to up-to-no-good humans. I carry it when I walk at night because we have a large pack of coyotes. They are not impressed by the size of my can.

    I'm at a loss as to what to do for my daughter. I had a belt strap in her backpack and showed her how to strap it on to the piston thingy on her door at school so an intruder couldn't open it without a lot of force. I also had a menacing key chain in her bag but a teacher told her to leave it at home. I'm lucky she didn't get suspended, but teachers are just as concerned as parents. I was even considering buying a ballistic plate for her backpack, but it wouldn't help now that she is in middle school. They are required to keep their bags in lockers outside of the classrooms. I don't even think that they have to old style doors with the arm pistons, either. At least she would be able to keep the belt in a small purse. Maybe add a tactical pen, but I don't want her to get suspended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    When we lived in Kansas we bought a weather radio because we were sleeping through tornadoes. We purposefully had the kids bedrooms in the basement so they were safe with walk out windows with a ladder.
    We are in an area that doesn't get a lot of tornadoes but we do get them. After one especially active season, in which we had some active warnings after nightfall, we got the weather radio.

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