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Thread: Neighbors and trash

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    IL, the rain and snow take care of the urine. Not sure why they have it since you guys get plenty of precipitation. If we lived where it rained regularly I would have real grass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geila View Post
    There's two of us humans and three pets and we only generate about a 13-gallon bag of trash as well. We have a recycling can, which sometimes gets full but often does not and a yard waste can that get a lot of use with our clippings and leaves as we have lots of trees. The trash company will also pick up yard waste from the street so we often use that in the fall when we have lots of leaves and tree clippings. We also have a free large item pickup twice per year (up to 3 items per pick up). You can also get different sized cans depending on your needs at no extra (or very little) charge. We have the smallest available.

    With all of this available, I'm often surprised when I see people putting out overflowing trash cans. It's just people being lazy.

    When my city started recycling, only a few people recycled anything. You had to take cardboard and glass and paper to one place, plastics and metal to another place across town.

    Then the city moved to free curbside recycling pickup. And switched from free trash pickup to using official city trash bags; the 13 gallon one costs around $1.50 each.

    Let me tell you, frugal New Englanders caught on real quick. Now there is a recycle bin in front of nearly every house on trash day, sometimes more than one.

    I think recycling works best when it is very easy to do. And when there is a financial incentive to recycle, people will also buy in. I've noticed in places with free recycling pickup and free trash pickup that people don't care very much and will toss recycling in the trash because it's "too much work" to separate it out. One guy I know got fined for putting cardboard moving boxes in his trash. So now he hides the boxes deeper in the trash can because he still has no incentive to recycle.

    But I'm lucky. Everywhere I've lived since around 1987 has had free curbside recycling. It is just second nature now to toss all the recyclables in the bin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkytoe View Post
    ...the neighbors across the back alley from us consist of a 25 yr old couple leasing the house from her mother. They have five garbage cans and every week they are stuffed and overflowing with all kinds of trash. Today, we found that they had thrown their excess in our can as they had run out of places to put anymore. It seems to be mostly packaged junk foods, candy wrappers and soda cans....
    What would Mr. Rogers do?
    It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
    I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you; so, would you be my? Could you be my? Please, won't you be my neighbor?

    Perhaps they put overflow trash in your cans, because their cans were already full, and they were not conscious of any alternative.

    I might suggest a neighborly discussion. Ask if they have a wall-mounted can crusher. Do they have room for another trash can on their mother's property? One may buy a can crusher on-line for less than $15. There may be a local hardware store that sells a trash can that would match their existing set of 5.

    Now, this may be too Rogerish for some, but if the neighbors don't have money to buy these things, perhaps it could be a "house-warming gift" from pinkytoe. As neighbors, they may be able to do pinkytoe a solid favor some day.

    Or the gift could be presented as coming from an anonymous member of the Simple Living Network,

    And when the neighbors ask, "Who is that?" maybe say, "It is a friendly group on the Internet. And they have more ideas than you have candy wrappers."

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    Our city charges for landfill bins but gives away recycling and compost bins. They offer small or large landfill bins at different prices. People who put landfill waste in the recycling or compost bin get ticketed. Our landlord pays for trash for the residential tenants but makes his commercial tenant (a daycare center) pay for their own seperate bins.

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    you can also call the garbage pick-up people (Dept of Sanitation? Waste disposal?) I did this when I had a neighbor years ago who I don't think had ever lived in a house with regular trash pick-up, because he just had no clue...would put out furniture, packing boxes not broken down, with foam pellets dripping out of them, would use my bins when his became full, and/or just stack trash up on the ground, like pizza boxes, when bins were After I talked to him personally in a friendly way and he just continued to ignore me, I called the Waste Dept. every single time there was a violation. Dumping regular garbage into a recycling bin sounds like a HUGE violation!

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    These neighbors have ignored any polite requests. I guess that's where the descriptor "trashy" people comes from as having debris everywhere is just how they choose to live.

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