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He's weakened by his plummeting poll showing, which is probably what turned the tide--that and the growing rebellion among TSA and air traffic controllers. We were this close to a shutdown of our airspace. Trump has never been known for his compassion, whether for disabled reporters, asylum seekers, or anyone else. His tone-deaf musings on government employees and their creditors was as thoughtful (and unintentionally hilarious) as it gets. Lately, he has been showing concern about apocryphal sex trafficking victims with painter's tape over their mouths--over, and over, and over, like it's a favorite fantasy of his.
That bit about aviation safety? Truly scared and continues to scare me (current tense due to the seeming inevitability of another shutdown come 2/15). As I've stated before, I live very close to the Phoenix Airport - not the busiest but one of the busier US airports - and many of my neighbors work at the airport in some capacity. So I'm more in tuned with aviation issues than you might think. And all my airport working neighbors I spoke to? All were and still are concerned about a preventable aviation disaster taking place due to Trump and his inablity to see the big picture and his inablity to understand that his decisions cause human collateral damage and in this case, a slight risk of mass loss of life for no real reason (TSA agents spread too thin to prevent contraband from getting on to a plane and air traffic controllers spread too thin also, one mistake in this area can quickly mean large losses of life). Rob