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I saw A Marriage Story and it is very good. It shows the unraveling of a couple realistically. Adam Driver is very good, Scarlett Johannsen as well.

I agree catherine it should be called A Divorce Story since thats what it is about.

OK, it didn’t charm me and it won’t be a memorable movie, but some of us are so starved for high-quality dramatic films* that we will take anything and elevate it beyond what it should probably be.

I will look out for these other two movies mentioned about marriage.

* films that are not bio pics. Am avoiding those, just am tired of the genre.
Well, in the end, I did like the movie, and it really shed light on the sadness of the disintegration of the relationship. Both performances were very good. (I particularly enjoyed Adam Driver singing that old Sondheim song I haven't heard in ages--Being Alive. What a great song.)

I'll check out 45 Years. Looks great, Tybee! Thanks.