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Thread: Ideas for containing the garden hose

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    Ideas for containing the garden hose

    When I bought this house it had a very heavy hose in a reel box, essentially by the front door. So I put some plants and garden art on top of the box, and in the warmer months the hose lays coiled on the ground to the side of it because it is just too awkward to reel it in. Well, we had several hours of freezing temps 3 nights in a row, and the hose burst at the connection in the box. Great reason to get rid of the whole mess!

    (Friend down the road will take the hose if I don’t want it, cut into shorter pieces for his garden...)

    I want a lighter hose, and yesterday the one I’ve been contemplating at Ace Hardware was on sale for $10 off, plus another $5 off for reward members so I got my hose for $10!!

    So, dilemma and question- how to “contain” it? In the back and side yard I have simple hose hangers on the wall and fence, and they work fine but aren’t especially attractive. I don’t want that look by the front door. Ideas? Frugal ideas?
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    I only hook up the hose when I use, keep it in the garage in a pot otherwise. But, we don't use a hose more than 2 or 3 times a year.

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    We bought retractable hose reels. I have gardens all around the house and got so tired of dragging hoses. I also won't roll them back up (I get flusterpated) so my husband was always doing it behind me. These reels are the bomb. Love, love, love them. Keeps everything neat and tidy. It also keeps the hoses away from sun damage.

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    I dont have good suggestions. I should, ut dont.

    I got, for free, one of the new fangled fabric hoses and it seems ok, it doesnt get so twisted up as the other tupes do.

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