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Thread: Just started Budgeting through Mint

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    Talking Just started Budgeting through Mint

    Hi all!

    So I had joined Mint a while back but never connected my accounts to it. I did that last night. To my surprise, after budgeting for everything, I had $300 for the month left over! Apparently I've just been throwing it away at this and that all over the place. I'm so glad that I put in this budget! They have a mobile app as well as a website, so I'll be able to keep track on the go and limit my spending. I'm really excited, because I can make extra payments on my debt with this money, and save up for some home repairs.

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    That’s great!

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    I use Mint as well, but not so much for budgeting. For that I use YouNeedABudget. However, Mint is a great platform for many things. It keeps a lot of financial stuff together, and the "goals" function is also helpful.

    Good luck with your budget!
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    Budgeting is SO important. How awesome to know that you should be able to save $300 per month. That will really add up fast.

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    I like Mint a lot. I use it to track everything. I am not really sure how to figure out what I've got "left" at the end of the month, but it is good to know where the money is going.

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