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Thread: Keep your spices up to date!

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    I have an old bottle of champagne that DH got SOMEWHERE years ago--it's in one of those gift boxes with two glasses to go with it. I've saved it for a "special occasion"--well, since then, we have had two kids marry, our 30th anniversary, our 40th anniversary, the birth of 3 grandchildren, and the purchase of a lake house.

    I don't know what kind of special occasion is going to warrant the uncorking of this stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    "Why is it that people are so reluctant to get rid of liquor?"
    I would guess because it doesn't go bad?
    But dresses and old sweaters don't either. Or "I might need those someday" spare parts on the workbench. Or that quesadilla maker that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

    I understand the "investment" aspect; I sure wouldn't buy a $45-90 bottle of Scotch if it would last only as long as a quart of milk. But so many people spend so much on other possessions they readily get rid of. Puzzling, though people here have presented some good reasons why this may be. Thanks.
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    We serve the liquors when we have parties. When a friend of ours was dying he gave us all his partial liquor bottles and we served them at parties. It doesn’t go bad.

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    Steve: Because it's sacred!

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