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Thread: A Week's Worth of Plastics

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    Sooner or later, I feel source reduction of waste products has to replace single stream! Since China has decided not to take plastic and contaminated recyclables, that has a tremendous impact on the collection of waste products everywhere else. India has tken a similiar position as I understand it. Oh my gosh, we have met our trash and it's ours! It's time to ask our local and state governments to support new policies lie requiring industry to take back its' waste products. Countries in Europe have such regulations. It adds costs obviously but it's not impossible.

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    There was a news article this week about how generous the donations were during last summer's drive for water. Apparently, volunteers distributed about 988,000 bottles of water to the homeless and others. The article was congratulating the success of this drive.
    Of course, water is vital and welcomed by the recipients, but my other thought was OMG - almost 1 million plastic bottles?! Can't we figure out something better, like water fountains, or free spigots to refill water jugs, or similar?

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