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Thread: car insurance woes

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    car insurance woes

    OMG this has been the weirdest thing and unfortunately it means my auto insurance was cancelled, ? ?

    I used to have this deducted from my paycheck but as soon as I changed jobs I let the company know and we went to direct billing. It was all going well until I got a large bill in December for several hundred. I went online to pay and the amount I was allowed to pay was lower so I paid that amount. i should have called immediately, I just kept checking and paying the amount listed. I paid the full amount listed on the website each month and this time it said that I had an inactive account! So I called and they said the policy was cancelled because I should have paid $295 when I paid $125. I was able to pay it, I just paid the full amount shown on the website. I have had insurance companies offer for you to pay it 6 months at a time, 3 months at a time or monthly so it didn't seem too strange that the amounts were different. In any case I am paid, insured, ready to go. I may however look for a different company after this. It took a lot of explaining before they apologized for whatever happened.

    So lesson learned, anytime it does not look right just call.

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    Yikes, that's rather a scary situation. And they sent no warning letters or emails or calls?
    I think a lot of us avoid actual phone calls....I know I do. Seems like anytime I call then I start getting more junk calls so the though of making a call fills me with dread. I've been avoiding calling the phone company for the church for several weeks now and I know I need to get it done.
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