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Thread: What are these products, anyway???!

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    What are these products, anyway???!

    This post is going to sound like a humble brag for the simplicity points, and I suppose it is, but I am sincere.

    I didn’t know until last year that there is an actual stainless steel cleaning product that you use on your stainless steel appliances. People in our Hermann house left some of that behind. I have always had stainless steel sinks but didn’t have stainless steel refrigerator until recently. I guess It is useful? I guess? I mean, it smells nice and it shines up the stainless steel but I wonder if soap and water wouldn’t do the same thing, then buffing with a soft rag. I don’t know.

    My friend left boxes and boxes of Avon products. She told me to take whatever I want. I am picky about hand cream, I like thick stuff like Burts bees product or Vaseline lotion and 90% of stuff in box 1 is some kind of antibiotic gel that is thin and disappears on my skin. Why would I want that? What is that good for?

    And then there are all kinds of specialty lotions. Apparently we need different ones for hands, face, body. I use just one kind.

    I did find one tube of Skin So Soft lotion and that seems fine. But the second tube I took was marked Skin So Soft Hair Remover. ACCCCCCK!!!! That Would seem to be nasty stuff so I threw it away.

    She left 30 years of hotel samples of lotion, shampoo, conditioner. I threw away all of the sample lotions because they’re all The thin stuff I don’t like. I kept all of the shampoos because I am not picky about shampoos. I did toss the conditioner, not because I am picky, but because I just didn’t want to sift through every time I needed shampoo or conditioner which one I was taking. I probably have a years worth of shampoo in this batch.

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    Soap and water will work on appliances, but if the soap is not rinsed off very well, it will leave spots/streaks/dullness. Not a big deal on a sink on which you can use plenty of water and don't mind a "patina" but a big steel box is kind of another story. But there are lots of cleaning products out there which will work, including white vinegar and Simple Green. Our only stainless steel appliance is the range hood (good hood at a discount so I didn't care that it didn't match the other appliances) and it can get greasy enough to require the Simple Green. Your fridge likely won't get that greasy. I'd use up what you have there for the sake of not wasting it but I certainly wouldn't feel compelled to replace it when it's gone.

    Can't speak to the various lotions. I do use a different lotion for my feet than everything else because it works better on my feet (it's a thicker version of my regular lotion) but others will have to speak to the intricacies of the other products. So long as it doesn't feel greasy forever and it doesn't have a notable scent, I'm fine with whatever. I am picky about shampoos because I don't want my hair smelling like fruit-flavored yogurt, but that's my personal weirdness and I leave others to their own preferences.
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