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Thread: rings too big

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    rings too big

    My very favorite rings are getting so loose. As part of my weight loss my fingers are thinner. I used to be a size 2 and a very small ring size as well, it was really hard to find any rings that fit. At my higher weight things like rings fit and I bought some lovely ones. So far I tried hot glue, and that lasted a day. Then I have been using medical tape which lasts over a month, and looks crappy on the back but it works. I am just wondering if there are other ideas that are not as much as going to the jeweler to be resized.

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    Zoe - you are a craft lover. I had a similar issue and fixed it with the stretchy beading string. It is clear and almost invisible. I took a length of the string, put it through the ring and tied a knot, then one end through the ring again & another knot and so on until the ring fit. You could also crochet these knots around the ring shank and I believe you know how to crochet. Depending on how much you wear the ring and how much hard work with your hands it can last for months and is not too noticeable.

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    Go to a jewelry store and ask for them to put on a ring guard. Not expensive as having them sized but will prevent the ring from slipping off.
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