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Thread: projecting emotions

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    projecting emotions

    I was reading about projecting emotions, I have certainly had that done to me. My last supervisor had things he said about me that made no sense. i generally take feedback to heart when it is related to some actions or when it is something I am aware I struggle with. However I realized years ago that when something comes from nowhere it usually isn't about me (example of saying I lacked self awareness because I put down a detail wrong, I struggle with details which to me shows self awareness). A good friend/work colleague gave me feedback that it was way off.

    Then I looked at how I may be projecting onto others, and I think I project more positive than sometimes is realistic. One point is my current assistant. Rather than just being sometimes forgetful or grumpy he could actually be trying to undermine me. That is a totally different issue and doesn't need the same response from me. Of course I could be projecting negative also, but I generally seem to project more positive. I get disappointed in relationships too because I assume more closeness or am surprised when people act so much on their own self interest. Sometimes I am 'too nice' or naive.

    In any case it is something to learn from.

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    You’re onto something here.

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