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Thread: Hello, I am Isabella from rural northern Arkansas.

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    My home is not technically a "tiny" house, either. It is just tiny compared to most houses. It is about 620 sqft. We built it in 1992 when we decided we spent so much time on the property that we needed at least a place to clean up and rest after long days and nights of working with livestock. I started designing a space just for that, then realized that it wouldn't cost much more to build something where we could also prepare a meal and sleep. So I designed a space that was as small as we thought we could go and still have everything we need.

    It ended up being a 24'x24' square with a sleeping loft. We did a 10/12 pitch roof so that we could walk upright in the loft which also has a small bath and closet and is accessed by very steep narrow stairs. Now that we are older the stairs are a bit of a challenge but also a good way to keep some joint mobility as My husband has had complete replacement of both knees and hips and has degenerative disc disease and I have MS. Downstairs consists of 10'x 12' living room lined with bookshelves and cozy seating for six or eight depending how cozy you want to be. 8'x8' kitchen with full size stacking washer and dryer (a MUST for living on a farm and living with 4 dogs and at the moment 2 cats.

    We have an 8'x7' dining area with a 42" round table where we have seated 8 people at a time. It is tight but fun crowding around a small table with wonderful people and good food. The kitchen and dining areas are separated by a counter with 4:24'' stools underneath. The counter serves as a prep space, laundry folding space, homework center for kids and grandkids when they were around and extra dining space. There is also a small bath and an 8'x9' bunkroom downstairs that has a twin bunk over a full and more shelves lining two walls. Porches on the front and back of the house adds lots of livable space for half the year.

    Our home is much too small by most people's standards but it is perfect for us and for our needs. We have clutter to be cleared (not hoarder level, yet) when we are ready to let go but for the most part it is pretty neat and tidy. If you can ever really have neat and tidy living with a pack of canines. hahaha. I tucked in a couple of small window seats which are cozy places to snuggle up with a book and cup of tea or cocoa.

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    It sounds great. We are also animal lovers and have 3 dogs.

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    Your home sounds charming, Isabella...I'm picturing it in my mind. What is your property like? Welcome, by the way!! I live in Washington State.
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    That sounds delightful, Isabella.

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    Hi, Welcome!

    Your home sounds lovely and cozy.

    I was born probably not far from where you live, just on the Missouri side of the state line though. We had a little 16' by 20' log cabin in the Ozark wilderness, and I have very fond memories of it, though I was still fairly young when we moved back to Michigan where my family was from.
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    StreveinMN I love that Booker T quote in your signature! Truth all the way!

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