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Thread: Continuing problems with pastor from previous church

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    tradd, if this ever happens again, you should hold your head up high and attend that wedding if you want to. if you are afraid to go because of him, then he is holding power over you. if it was me, and has been me, then you stand tall, dont be disrespectable, and walk right over to him and ask him how he has been in a kind and completely courteous respecful fashion. let him know that he has nothing over you by your actions, lack of fear, and be confident that the real important person on high has your back. he is with you. now go get em next time.. end the power he is holding over you.

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    I personally think that you are handling this very well, Tradd. I'd be enjoying your diving guilt-free....and this comes from someone who attends church regularly. Kudos! Rob

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    Something of a not good update.

    The problem priest is retiring due to age/health problems. A priest who is a good friend seems to be in the running to replace him. I will never set foot in this church. The friend probably knows this, even though I won’t mention it. Even though the problem priest will be gone, the attitude of the people there will be the same. Cookie cutter families.

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