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Thread: My Hertiage DNA test

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    My Hertiage DNA test

    My kids got me a DNA test this past Christmas from My Heritage. It was supposed to take 4-6 weeks. I mailed it very early January, and it took a month to get there (Houston, TX) and finally it appeared like it was close to being done. But I checked it today and they said they were doing some upgrades and will be arriving anywhere from late March to Mid April. I sent it in early January. Isn't that really a bit too long? Seems like data/the sample, etc. could get lost along the way in the process. Anyone else have to wait that long for their DNA results?

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    We waited for 3 months from 23 and me.

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    It is a common xmas present, so this is their busy time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    It is a common xmas present, so this is their busy time.
    Good point. I can't remember how long I waited for mine--I think it was 6 weeks, from
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