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Thread: Financial House Challenge-March and April??

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    Financial House Challenge-March and April??

    I was reading through the Organizing using the FlyLady method and thinking about how this group might be interested in doing a "financial challenge" with me. I am trying to take care of a lot of little (and some big) things on my financial To Do list and pare down my spending, etc. I recently retired, but can't get my pension for 5 years, so I am still worrying/thinking/finagling my finances. I just thought I would try to do one thing a day. This is some of my list:
    -Call about Long term care
    -Make an appt with the Vanguard advisor
    -Get rid of subscriptions that I don't want/need
    -Sign up for Acorns
    -Sign up for Debitize (we are bad about remembering to pay off the credit card)
    -Claim my money on "unclaimed"
    -Make a spreadsheet with monthly finances, upcoming purchases, etc
    -Order glasses from Zenni's
    -Move some money to a high interest savings account on line
    -Decide on newspaper subscription.
    -Set up garbage/recycling on bill payer
    Anyway, I just thought I could use some company/encouragement/accountability. I might be inclined to accomplish these things if I have someone to report my successes to. Any takers?

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    Also a good idea to set up an appointment with a fee based financial planner. They will tell you if you have enough or the right kind of insurance and give financial advice. Vanguard is good for investments IMO.

    My goal it to get the few bonds I have redeemed or see if it is a good idea to still have them.

    Check with Mexico dentist that was referred to see how the process works. Would save thousands of dollars for implants.

    Otherwise, think everything is in order.

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    Had my meeting today with Vanguard and straightened some things out. Yes, we've had the meeting with a fee based financial planner.

    This afternoon I hope to sign up for the on line account with a better interest rate than my credit union. Frugal one, I am impressed with your organization!

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