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Thread: Felted wool dryer balls

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    I've done a complete switch re: laundry. I switched from dryer sheets to felted balls and rolled up balls of tin foil. I switched from fabric softener (DH is very fussy about his "softy-ness"!) to distilled vinegar. My results: vinegar works just as well as fabric softener. Dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils put on them per load (I let DH pick) does the job nicely in terms of leaving the clothes un-bunched-up and smelling nicely. Neither felted balls alone nor when accompanied by tin foil balls does anything about static cling. However, putting the clothes on the "less dry" dryer setting seems to help a bit. And yes, plastic clothes (acrylic, nylon, etc.) produce far more static for me, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    I don’t dry any of my shirts and my pants only half way. Haven’t used dryer sheets in years.
    I don't use dryer sheets at all because they cause dryer filters to close up. You can test this next time you clean the filter: run some water through and see how fast/slow it drains. Or doesn't drain at all. When i tested my old dryer, 95% blocked. Had to wash it with a brush to remove the coating. Never used them in the new dryer.
    I tried those plastic balls, kind of loud! Recently I found some wool dryer balls at walmart, i think it was, they do a good job.

    Well, i do use the dryer sheets, to wipe baseboards and Venetian blinds, to repel dust. Works ok.

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    Bought the balls, hate the balls. I swear they put even more static in the clothing. They get caught up in pant legs and duvet covers. Lesson learned.

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    I bought some from a 4H group fundraiser. The kids had made them from the animals they raise. They do shrink some, and try to escape into my DH's cargo pants pockets. I haven't noticed as much static as I used to, but still a bit. I like listening to them bounce around in there. They keep things fluffed up, too, rather than clumping together.
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    I have wool dryer balls. I bought them to decrease drying time. They do seem to (this is of course a question of if I need to run a second round of the dryer just to get clothes dry or not).
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    I have a set of dryer balls that my sister gave me. I honestly don't know if they help, but they aren't really hurting anything, so why not? I almost never use dryer sheets anymore. I air dry the things most prone to static (e.g. fleece shirts in the winter). I air dry a lot of my clothes anyway to avoid excess wear and shrinkage.

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